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USGFX broker Traders Club program

USGFX broker Traders Club program.

USGFX broker Traders Club program, USGFX brokerUSGFX broker offering to it's clients new promotional offer.


Offer:  Traders Club program from USGFX broker.

Date: Till 31 December 2015.

Available to: USGFX broker Traders Club program available to all USGFX trader.

How to get: To get USGFX Traders Club program open an account with USGFX then Watch online, register if necessary for some lessons from USGFX official website.

Source: USGFX broker Traders Club program Click Here.

About USGFX Traders Club program :

* Weekly market analysis and trading tips – Fundamental Analysis
(Every Monday 3.30pm-4.30pm)
*Sessions are specific to live analysing the major currency pairs for the trading week in advance. We look at the fundamentals, technical, news to be released and possible impacts, also key fundamental support zones, target areas and how to navigate the market for the week.
* Weekly MasterClass – Technical Analysis
(Every Thursday 3.30pm-4.30pm)
* These sessions are a series of interactive webinars where we learn a new strategy every week (total of 10 on a rotation basis). We also look at live markets and topic requested by clients. Risk management, trader's psychology, back testing, pattern analysis, indicators, momentum, trend…etc.


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