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ThreeTrades broker Insured Account

ThreeTrades broker Insured Account.

ThreeTrades broker Insured Account, ThreeTradesTech Trading Solutions Ltd is a online forex broker offering forex trading to it's clients. The company ThreeTrades broker provides trading services to customers of all individual traders. Also provide service to institutional investors and portfolio managers. ThreeTrades broker now offering a new promotional Insured Account.

Offer: Insured Account from ThreeTrades broker.

Date: Till 31 December 2015.

Available to: ThreeTrades broker Insured Account available to All ThreeTrades clients.

How to get : To get ThreeTrades broker Insured Account open an account with ThreeTrades broker. Then send request. Participate and trade them required lots with ThreeTrades.

Withdrawal: Yes you can request for withdrawal.

Source: ThreeTrades broker Insured Account Click Here.

About ThreeTrades Insured Account.

By opening a trading account under this Deposit Insurance program. The Client acknowledges that he has read and agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions as well as to the Company Trading Terms and Conditions.

* The Deposit Insurance only applies. Open new account deposits of at least 200 USD.

* The maximum amount that can be insured in this program is 100 000 USD per trading account.

* To get its losses refunded to its account. Client should close transactions in the amount of 0.20 lots (20 000 units) of currency or $20 000 worth of Gold, Oil, Stocks. Indices for $1 of losses. Only trades that have a 10 pip difference between open and close price are counted towards the Volume Requirements.

EXAMPLE: You deposit $300 to an Insured account with ThreeTrades. To get $200 of losses refunded. you need to trade minimum 40 lots of currency. Keep only closed deals are taken into account.

* If the Volume Requirements are met. client should send an email to support@threetrades.com requesting the losses to be refunded.

* No loss is covered if the Volume Requirements are not me met in their entirety.

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