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Standard Chartered now liquidity provider

By Sums on Friday,

Standard Chartered now liquidity provider with FXSpotStream.

Standard Chartered now liquidity providerStandard Chartered Joins FXSpotStream as a Liquidity Provider. FXSpotStream announced that Standard Chartered is to become the supplier of 11 liquidity aggregation service.

Standard Chartered now liquidity provider Standard Chartered is expected to go live as a liquidity provider in early Julyand FXSpotStream CEO, Alan Schwarz said the bank has as a supplier a liquidity help continue FXSpotStream customer base and trading volume expansion in the Asia-Pacific region, where it plans to open one office within next year. Since its launch in April 2012, FXSpotStream has nearly doubled the amount banks that provide liquidity to service and expanded its product offerings to include precious metals, forwards and swaps, and opened a new office in London.The key to growth FXSpotStream, according to Schwarz, is their only business model, which he feeds into a broader need to reduce costs in FX trading.

“We have been very satisfied as a client of  FXSpotStream since the early days of the service going live, so it was naturalfor us to expand the relationship and joinas a liquidity provider. FXSpotStream’s no brokerage fee model offers us a lessexpensive, more efficient way to transact directly with our clients with the same flexibility we have over our directconnection. We look forward to offering our clients an alternative means to transact with Standard Chartered,” Standard Chartered now liquidity provider about says Chris Allington, head of FX at Standard Chartered.

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