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HY Markets broker Media Affiliates

HY Markets broker Media Affiliates.

HY Markets broker Media Affiliates, HY MarketsHY Markets has developed an extensive partnership program which creates excellent opportunities to earn income for webmasters, online business, site owners and SEO experts to use their sites or portals with higher incomes. HY Markets broker announce new partnership program Media Affiliates. Receives commissions for referring new customers, either for sale or as part of a program of CPA. With it, technical support, marketing materials, immediate payment of commission, support and back-office.

Offer: Media Affiliates program from HY Markets broker.

Date: Till 31 December 2015.

How to get : To get HY Markets broker Media Affiliates open an account with HY Markets broker then contact with them and follow them further instructions.

Withdrawal: Yes you can withdrawal commission.

Source: HY Markets broker Media Affiliates Click Here.

About HY Markets Media Affiliates:

* Work with the Leader: Henyep group is one of the most established financial groups and has been an industry leader for almost 30 years. It has unmatched reputation and respectability throughout the world.
* Promote the best trading platforms available : You will be able to promote our cutting edge web based platform, which enables you to reach all customers connected to the Internet. Why hassle with complicated downloads or technical support?
* Extensive collection of Marketing Tools: Take advantage of the vast array of marketing tools and creative material that will be made available to you in order to attract more clients. With a dedicated team of affiliate support stuff, you can take advantage of all the potential the worldwide web has to offer
* Vast range of financial products available: With HY Markets you don't have to choose which financial product you promote. You can promote all the major financial markets. We offer Forex, Metals, Oil/Gas, Stocks, Indices and Commodities trading. Our diverse product range allows you to make the most out of your traffic and helps you convert as many new customers as possible while at the same time helping you increase the average customer value.
* Accurate and robust affiliate back-office reporting system: Our systems provide 24/7 real-time statistics and detailed performance reports
* Website Optimization Process: This includes the creation of custom creative and marketing tools (banners, scripts, website design, text copyright, financial trading tools) specially designed for your website or online marketing requirements. Free assistance and online support to help you build and develop your website.
* Prompt commission payment: Our Affiliate payments are made no later than the 10th day following the end of the month. If your account does not reach the minimum amount in a particular month, HY Markets has the right to withhold payment and forward the earned amount to the next calendar month.


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