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FBS Broker FBS Star program

FBS Broker FBS Star program.

FBS Broker FBS Star program, FBS brokerFBS Company began its glorious history in 2009 and now the lead among the most popular international brokers are held. Now FBS broker offering a promotional offer for it's clients.


Offer:  FBS Star program from FBS Broker.

Dates: 24 August 2015 - 7 September 2015.

Available to: FBS Broker FBS Star program available to FBS Clients who own a FBS T-shirt.

How To participate: To participate FBS Broker FBS Star program open an account with FBS broker then take a picture of yourself wearing your FBS T-shirt then Upload it to your Personal Area from fbs.


1st place - $500 USD

2nd place - $300 USD

3rd place - $200 USD

The winners of the following categories get $100 USD each:

Funniest photo
Most creative photo
Most romantic photo
Most professional photo
Best family photo
Most impressive photo
Most extreme photo
Most vivid photo
Most emotional photo
Most stylish photo

How to get Prizes: During the first third places, the winners are those who receive the most votes in both Facebook and FBS broker. The other categories will be determined by the jury.

Withdrawal: Yes you can withdrawal it.

Source: FBS Broker FBS Star program Click Here.

About FBS Broker Star program:

* Super-contest for lucky owners of branded FBS T-shirts!

* Upload your photo wearing a cool T-shirt and become FBS star!

* To participate in the contest:

* Take a picture in a branded FBS T-shirt
* Upload it in your Personal area
* Collect the biggest number of votes for your photo

* Three winners of FBS Star contest will be determined through an open vote on FBS website and on the company’s official Facebook page.

Additionally, 10 special prizes by FBS will be given to authors of the best photos in the categories presented by FBS jury.

Contest prize fund: $ 1500!


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