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Streamline broker up to 70% Deposit Bonus

Streamline broker up to 70%  Deposit Bonus.

Streamline broker up to 70% Deposit BonusStreamline broker announce promotional offer that 50% $ 100- $ 2.999 and $ 3,000 up 70% Welcome bonus offer for all new customers. Minimum deposit amount once for the bonus supplement is 100 USD / EUR. Maximum total bonus for one account during the promotion is $ 10,000. All account balances over $ 10,000 USD will have an adjusted leverage to 1: 200. This will remain in force until the level of capital reaches $ 5,000 USD.

Offer: Up to 70% Deposit Bonus from Streamline.

Date: Till 31 December 2015.

Available to: Streamline broker up to 70% Deposit Bonus available to Streamline broker all clients.

How to get : To get Streamline broker up to 70% Deposit Bonus open a  account with Streamline broker and get bonus.  Deposit $ 100- $ 2.999 bonus 50% and deposit up to $3000 bonus up to 70%.

Withdrawal: No you can not Withdrawal, That bonus is for trading purposes only.

Source: Streamline broker up to 70% Deposit Bonus Click Here.

About Streamline broker Deposit Bonus:

*  The bonus is credited to the account balance, but is segregated or seperated from trader deposit credits and profits or losses.When equity drops to the level of 10% of trader cash deposit (plus bonus amount), an automatic stop out closing of all open trades takes place, and bonus is removed. This is to have appropriate open positions size in relationship to trader funds remaining. On Fridays before market close equity level to close out positions and remove bonus credit is 20%.

* Streamline broker up to 70% Deposit Bonus The Minimum trading volume for the standard account is 0.01 lot. The maximum trading volume for standard account is unlimited.

* Maximum deposits.

* Expert advisers at the are available.

* Hedging and arbitrage positions are not counted towards volume requirements.

* Funds transfers between accounts are not considered as initial deposit.

* The bonus cannot be transferred between accounts, withdrawn, or traded into as a loss.

* Any completed trading transactions with duration of five (5) minutes or less will not be included in the lots calculation. Duration is considered the time between the opening and closing of a position.

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