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Option Samurai integriert Tradier Brokerage

By Sums on Wednesday,

Option Samurai integriert Tradier Brokerage.

Option Samurai integriert Tradier BrokerageStock Market Research Service integrated Tradier API to Enable provide access to the brokerage technology. Tradier Brokerage, Inc., the leading cloud financial intermediation services, announced that option Samurai  was built into the API Tradier to enable investors to make trades directly from the options in the scanner application.

The relationship will allow users to select Samurai Ideas equity leverage of 1.1 million option scans to convert at this time every day to make trades directly from the service request. Option Samurai explores the data sources, including corporate data, dividends and profits, data and other basic choices of companies to analyze in depth the possible operations and recommendations in one place. Tradier integration allows the individual investors to reduce cost data subscription and a best price to perfectly translate into an analysis of the implementation of the measures - without the enormous data stores can and analyzes the option Samurai.

"We will continue to be humiliated with Tradier API widespread adoption. Tradier is obliged to enable the creation of new opportunities for the modern investor and organizations to bring innovations to enhance the experience of investors and merchants," Slaven Rio said about Option Samurai integriert Tradier Brokerage Chief Marketing Community and Tradier, Inc. "We are thrilled to work with option samurai to create an environment where investors can open an application and optimally convert intelligent market data to create a commercial reality."

"This integration allows us to continue Tradier which is an advantage for individual investors by enabling them to access our detailed and directly perform an operation," about Option Samurai integriert Tradier Brokerage said Leav Graves, founder and CEO of option Samurai. "We provide the context requires fast-paced business environment today, to make the best decisions by a stereotypical approach, which holds the advance investors to the market. With Tradier, we first look forward to our customers by adding keep the implementation of our comprehensive data platform. "

For information about Tradier Brokerage, Inc, visit https://brokerage.tradier.com

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