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Land-FX broker Partnership program real time

Land-FX broker Partnership program real time.

Land-FX broker Partnership program real timeLand-FX FOREX is a professional company that operates international branches in 13 countries. Land-FX broker offering Partnership program that also real time. Join the program as Land-FX, IB or White Label management. As IB is obtained with the help of advertising and the possibility of a specific website. As a branch receive the same benefits of the International Bureau, in addition to support and office workers. As a White Label Land-FX helps the couple usually create his / her own support for the operation of the brand, marketing, Customer Center and the company.

Offer: Partnership program real time from Land-FX broker.

Date: Till 31 December 2015.

Available to: Land-FX broker Partnership program real time all Land-FX clients.

How to join : To join Land-FX broker Partnership program real time open an account with Land-FX then apply for partnership.

Withdrawal: Yes, Any time commissions you can withdrawal.

Source: Land-FX broker Partnership program real time Click Here.

About Land-FX broker Partnership program :

* Advertising : LAND-FX supports the efficient Advertisement for IB. l Free Banner Production – Banner is to be provided upon review of LAND-FX, on demand and information on which media to be used. l LAND-FX supports the advertisement of IB on Internet Media of countries. Some advertisement cost is supported upon special review of LAND-FX. It is LAND-FX's policy to support an IB until the IB stands independently.

* Branch Office: LAND-FX always goes with IB. Branch Manager is to be offered to an IB who has good performance, it is to be a good opportunity for Business realization of IB. The IB will get all powers for IB activity in the corresponding area, will be supported with employee and office according to performance and result.

* White Label: LAND-FX will support an IB who had good marketing power and drive to become a White Label, which enables an IB to get its own Brand and to act as a FDM within the limited scope. LAND-FX provides and supports all the information on Operation, Marketing & Customer Centers, and overall business.


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