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GDMFX broker up to 30,00% Deposit Bonus

GDMFX broker up to 30,00% Deposit Bonus.

GDMFX broker up to 30,00% Deposit BonusGDMFX broker is announcing its program Bonus available to all new entrants. If you are a new customer to the company and this will be their first deposit, then you can claim up to $ 30,000 bonus GDMFX.

Offer: Up to 30,00% Deposit Bonus from GDMFX broker.

Date: Till 31 December 2015.

Available to: GDMFX broker up to 30,00% Deposit Bonus available to GDMFX broker all clients.

How to get : To get GDMFX broker up to 30,00% Deposit Bonus open a  account with GDMFX broker and get bonus. Deposit and Send an email requesting it.


* $500 to $5,000 USD Deposit -  Get a 10% bonus

* $10,000 USD deposit - Get a 20% bonus

* 10,000 USD deposit - Get a 30% bonus
Bonus is Maximum $30,000 USD.

Withdrawal: Yes you can deposit, but 1 lot traded for withdrawal each 2 USD bonus.

Source: GDMFX broker up to 30,00% Deposit Bonus Click Here.

About GDMFX Deposit Bonus :

* If on the date of the Initial Deposit the client makes several successful Deposit Transactions, the company shall consider the total Intitial Deposit amount to be the sum of all those Deposit Transactions.

* Existing clients can not request a Welcome Bonus.

* Once the Welcome Bonus has been awarded for an Initial Deposit, the client can not request it for any Subsequent Deposits.

* The Welcome Bonus can not be awarded for Initial Deposits below 500$.

* The Welcome Bonus must be requested by the Client via e-mail to customersupport@gdmfx.com within two weeks of the date when the initial deposit was made. Bonus requests made after the that period will not be approved.

* GDMFX reserves the right to decline a Bonus request at its sole discretion and without providing any explanation to the client.

* The Welcome Bonus is added as Credit to the Client’s Trading Account.

* The Welcome Bonus can be converted to Balance upon request, but only after its Initial Trading Requirement has been fulfilled. Partial conversions will not be allowed.

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