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FXFair forex 50% Deposit Bonus

FXFair forex 50% Deposit Bonus.

FXFair broker forex Deposit Bonus up 50% FXFair announce a promotional offer for it's clients that Bonus up 50%. The bonus credit of 50% is a loyalty bonus offered to all clients trading on Standard Zero Account type for second, third and all additional deposits.

Offer: Forex Deposit Bonus up 50% from FXFair broker.

Date: Till 31 December 2015.

Available to: FXFair forex 50% Deposit Bonus available to Streamline broker all clients.

How to get : To get FXFair forex 50% Deposit Bonus open a  account with FXFair broker and get bonus 50%. The bonus will be added to the trading Client’s account as credit.

Withdrawal: Yes you can withdrawal but 1 lot has been traded for each 10 USD bonus.

Source: FXFair Deposit Bonus up 50% Click Here

About FXFair forex 50% Deposit Bonus:

* The Bonus will be credited to the Client’s trading account within twenty-four (24) working hours after the deposit has been received

* A minimum deposit of 100 USD is required to receive the bonus credit

* The maximum deposit is 10.000 USD for the bonus credit. The client can transfer more than 10.000 USD, but the Client will not get more than a total 5.000 USD bonus credit

* IB/Affiliate commission is paid for bonus funds trading

* The bonus credit is not available for PAMM/MAM systems.

* The bonus is non-transferable and only available for one account and cannot be added to any second account (or more) or any other internal transfer or third parties etc.

* The Client may withdraw, if the required amount of lots is traded (included amount of minimum trades), the promotion trading rules have been satisfied and the entire bonus credit is transferred to balance or the bonus has already been canceled.

* Bonus promotion is only available for Standard Zero Account.


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