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Exness sent a donation earthquake helping Nepal

By mike on Wednesday,

Exness sent a donation earthquake helping Nepal.

Exness sent a donation earthquake helping Nepal EXNESS campaign sent $ 28,000 in aid to earthquake victims in Nepal. Sending a sum of more than $ 28,000 to the CARE Foundation to help those affected by the disaster that hit Nepal in April this year.

Forex broker Image and business computers that we forget that some of them take care of the needy and show real social responsibility. EXNESS retail forex broker is one of the few companies that show the human face of the company. Earlier this year, the driver sponsored a campaign to species threatened with extinction in the Arctic to help, and has also sought that made helping affected by the earthquake in Nepal in April this year. The Exness broker sent a donation of more than $ 28,000 to care Foundation.

Exness sent a donation earthquake helping Nepal the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that rocked Nepal April 25, 2015, was the biggest earthquake for nearly 80 years. Two weeks later, on May 12, he was a second earthquake (magnitude 7.3). According to UN estimates, about 8,500 people were victims of such events. The tragedy of May 12 also destroyed 26 hospitals in Nepal and more than 1,100 health centers. One month after the first disaster, UNICEF reported that about 7,000 children under 5 years are still at risk of malnutrition and need urgent humanitarian aid.  EXNESS group launched a donations among traders, 4 May 2015 donations were collected, to 29 May 2015 based on each dealer's donation by choosing EXNESS be returned as a gift bonus to your account trading or reached their donation.  The CARE Foundation, which provides victims with food, water and medicine, as part of a special project, has been selected to receive the grants. May 4 to May 29, 181 people attended the fundraiser, 135, the company decided matches donations and 46 have chosen to have EXNESS back your gift as a bonus to their trading accounts. The concerted effort to raise $ 15.124. Exness sent a donation earthquake helping Nepal On May 31, 2015 EXNESS is a part of this amount and sent a donation of $ 28,467,36 to the CARE Foundation.

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