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Elit4x broker Reward program

Elit4x broker Reward program, Reward program.

Elit4x broker Reward programElit4x broker announce Reward program for Elit4x broker. Once you decide to collect your reward for your amount of lots traded, you will receive your prize.

Offer: Forex Reward program from Elit4x broker.

Date: Till 31 December 2015.

Available to: Elit4x broker Reward program available to all New and existing clients.

How to get: To get Elit4x broker Reward program open an account with Elit4x broker start Trade and submit an application to Elite4x.

 Reward program Offer:

* 100 lots – iPhone 6

* 300 lots – Hybrid Laptop

* 500 lots – Gilera Runner Scooter

* 1500 lots – Renault Clio

* 5000 lots – BMW 3

* 10,000 lots – Merdes Benz CL

Source: Elit4x broker Reward program Click Here.

About Elit4x Reward program:

* When you trade and accumulate enough lots you win certain reward, you can then collect level one reward or you can continue collecting lots for the next level reward. Once you decide to collect your reward for your amount of lots traded, you will receive your prize. Your lots will be reset to zero and you can start from the beginning trading and collecting lots for level one reward. Note: Trader can win multiple level one rewards!!!

* All rewards are guaranteed by Elit4x UK Ltd. !!!

* Trading lots are cumulative in nature, starting from the day of the opening of the account. The prize can be collected only by the account owner, who is required to pay all duties and taxes, according by law of its country. The recipient of the reward, upon meeting the conditions for receipt of the prize must submit an application for obtaining the prize by mail to support@elit4x.com.

* Every account and participant in the reward program must agree with these terms and conditions and by submitting application and sending an email to support@elit4x.com and claiming the reward, reward is not automatically approved and will be reviewed by Support Team. The reward will be voided if it is not in the accordance by terms and conditions stated above.

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