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Citi launches trading in the Velocity platform

By Mikel on Wednesday,

Citi launches trading in the Velocity platform.

Citi launches trading in the Velocity platform Citi started trading functionality concept at Citi Velocity, winning trading platform that offers customers access to more than FX price Citi and Credit Research and liquidity.

Began in January 2012 Velocity 2.0 is constantly updated to include new features and asset classes. It offers its customers an integrated e-commerce suite, which can be much greater liquidity and market information can be tailored to the needs of each client faster execution times. It is also a very simplified and streamlined platform that different asset classes are seamlessly integrated into an office together. Recently added features and complete future includes a wide range of types of synthetic orders and distributors can minimize points access to trading latency platform by regional connectivity.
Jerome Kemp, global head of futures clearing and collateral, stated about Citi launches trading in the Velocity platform: "The dynamic changes in the industry allows us to break new ground in technology, the use of the customer experience in the implementation of the future Our transformation affirms significant investment in the platform speed flagship the commitment of Citi. Citi to offer unparalleled choice, deep functionality and global reach of Citi clients to electronic services. "
Paul Marks Global Director of eCommerce product futures clearing and collateral, also added about Citi launches trading in the Velocity platform, "If customers have asked us a number of futures develop Citi Velocity decided to take an innovative approach, using the latest technologies to finance this offer unique trading again. product provides a single consolidated for traders to execute the macro strategies and our comprehensive range of existing sales channels eTrading "platform.

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