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Amarkets broker Profitability Clients in May

By Sums on Tuesday,

Amarkets broker Profitability Clients in May.

Amarkets broker Profitability Clients in May Amarkets broker announce a month has passed and them clients are here with them routine report on customer profitability.

Amarkets broker said about Amarkets broker Profitability Clients in May In May 2015 40% of them clients also customers were profitable with accounts of more than $ 10,000 showed 64% success rate. 69% of customers in March closed in the range of $ - and $ 100 + 100th. Finish Champion of the Month EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD and XAUUSD and commodity indices and the use of moderate leverage up to forty-one, the maximum loss of 26%. He put 30 operations, determining gain on 1.88 and win 953 mathematical hope. Outsider trading EURUSD. He placed 12 trades that the factor 0.21 and earn profit expectation negative was -1874. The substantive errors were the use of high leverage (1: 183) and stop orders.

About AMarkets :

AMarkets formerly known AForex and operated by AMarkets LTD., Is a leading broker and offers a variety of electronically traded products including forex, metals, commodities and CFD worldwide. With direct access to the global markets are our customers all the self and algorithmic trading tools needed and robust cash management solutions at about 10,000 transactions per day and equip. As such, we strive to provide the best service, with the greatest respect to food, price and speed of execution and the accuracy of completed jobs. AMarkets goal is to continuously improve AMarkets business environment for AMarkets customers to increase profitability and compete on equal terms with the world leaders.

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